Boiler Operations 101 – 1 Day Seminar – April 23rd, 2020

February 2020 /

Date: April 23th 2020

Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm


Affiliated Steam & Hot Water
12424 S Lombard Lane
Alsip, IL 60441

Fee: $375.00


Boiler Operation
· Daily Boiler Room Logs – What parameters should be tracked and why?
· Daily Boiler Room Log- Book – Information to be documented in the Boiler Room Log- Book.
· Daily Safety Checks and Visual Operating Inspections.
· The Creation of Safe Boiler Start-up and Shut-down SOP’s.

The Burner Management System and Operating Controls
· The Start-up Sequence of the Burner and Trouble Shooting Flame Failure Issues.
· The Boiler’s Operating Controls Identification and Set-up.

Properties of Steam and Water
· How does a boiler build and Maintain steam pressure?
· What are some of the Implications of Varying Steam Pressure?
· Poor Water Quality and the Ramifications of Improper Water Treatment.
· Controlling Oxygen and Hardness in Boiler Water.
· Soot and Scale Effects on Boiler Performance.
· Bottom Blowdown and Controlling the Boiler TDS.
· Boiler Water TDS vs Conductivity?
· Controlling the Boiler Water PH in an Alkaline State.

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