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We now represent Vogt Power International

August 2016

Vogt Power international Inc. (Vogt International) is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems, Simple Cycle Exhaust Systems, and aftermarket services for use in power generation, co-generation, enhanced oil recovery, and combined heat and power. The Vogt name traces back to 1880 when […]

Koch-Glitsch Expands our Territory

January 2016

Somes-Nick & Company is pleased to announce that Koch-Glitsch has extended our exclusive sales territory for Mist Elimination Products to now include the entire states of Wisconsin and Michigan along with the NW region of Ohio (Toledo). Somes-Nick & Company has been helping customers with their mist elimination problems for over 50 years, dating back […]

Sellers Manufacturing Company

April 2015

Sellers Manufacturing Company was founded in Chicago in 1931 when new industries were looking for ways to take advantage of natural gas energy. Sellers pioneered gas-fired equipment such as boilers, burners, water heating equipment and bakery equipment. Sellers is well known throughout the world as offering the highest quality equipment with unrivaled: Reliability, Efficiency, Ease […]

The Practical Steam Engine

April 2015

The Practical Steam Engine (PSE) is a breakthrough technology that allows efficient power generation using pressures and quantities of steam where there are currently no economical solutions. The proprietary, high-efficiency reciprocating steam engine can be installed in parallel to PRVs in sub- megawatt applications for which existing steam turbine generators are too expensive and inefficient. […]

Spence 2-Stage Steam Station

February 2014

Recently we successfully provided and started up several SPENCE 2 stage steam pressure reducing station with safety pilot for a district steam system. In this installation the client was reducing street steam as it entered an existing building and could not install a pressure relief valve on the downstream side because there was no safe […]