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Somes-Nick & Company’s success has always been a result of the company’s dedication to constantly enhance our relationships with our customers, as well as the manufacturers we represent. Our commitment to provide value through outstanding service, and customer satisfaction is what separates us from the rest.

We are obligated to fulfill our manufacturers objectives by consistently providing the same level of service that would be expected from their own employees, thoroughly covering our accounts and territories, and maintaining confidentiality surrounding all relations. Somes-Nick treats all other manufacturer’s representative partnerships with respect, and strives to maintain a high level of professionalism within the industry.



Somes-Nick & Company was founded in 1952, by Jack Somes and Gus Nick, as an independent manufactures representative for the Terry Steam Turbine Company, serving the Midwest.

In 1961 Jack Butterfield joined Somes-Nick & Co. as a partner with Gus. Previously, Jack had been a sales engineer with another Chicago representative agency, and before that Jack was a direct salesman for Graham Mfg. Co.

Jack was instrumental in bringing in several firms into the Somes-Nick product mix with him in 1961. These included Graham Mfg. Co., Kunkle Valve, Spence Engineering and The Otto York Company. We are still fortunate to represent these companies today.

In 1969 we received the letter that all Reps fear: Terry Steam Turbine had decided that their sales in the Chicago region had grown sufficiently, and that they would open their own direct office. Somes-Nick & Companies’ contract to sell Terry Turbines would be terminated on September 1, 1969.

2 weeks later Somes-Nick was appointed as the Representatives for Coppus Steam Turbines. This was followed by our appointment as the Murray Steam Turbine Representatives on October 1, 1969.

In 2005 Dresser-Rand acquired the Coppus and Murray Steam Turbines product lines and Somes-Nick was appointed the Dresser-Rand Steam Turbine Representative. We now represent all their steam turbine products, including one that Dresser-Rand had acquired previously- The Terry Steam Turbine Company. We have come full circle in our 60 years.

Except for a short time on Howard Street, the northern border of Chicago, we had always maintained an office in the South Loop area of Chicago. The majority of the time it was in the Old Colony Building at 407 S. Dearborn. In 2009 we needed more room, so we moved to our current location, 6 blocks away at 29 S. LaSalle. Then that building turned into high rent apartments (with a pool on the roof!), so we got the boot around the corner to 120 W Madison…Still needed more room. So after 72 years of being Downtown Chicago, we jumped out to the suburbs to an office/warehouse space in Elk Grove Village, where we finally have the ability & space to stock readily available product at our own facility.

Our success has always been due to the fact that we strive to maintain long term relationships with our customers and the manufacturers that we represent. Post sale assistance goes a long way to insure a satisfied customer, and those are the ones that keep coming back. This requires a high level of product knowledge, and is the reason we don’t have a long line card.

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