Heat Transfer

NFT250 Series Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap

March 2023 in Condensate Return, Energy Management, Heat Transfer, Multimedia/Resources

NFT250 Series Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap. NFT250 Series are float and thermostatic steam traps. Float is free of levers, linkages or other mechanical connections. This float is weighted to maintain orientation and acts as the valve being free to modulate condensate through the seat ring. Air vent is balanced-pressure design with stainless steel welded […]


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Roadblocks to Heat Transfer in a Heat Exchanger

November 2019 in Heat Transfer

In a heat exchanger, with the final job of heating water, oil and countless other applications, steam has a few possible roadblocks along the way. Quality boiler water treatment, properly sized drip legs & the correct steam trap selection is a great start to a efficient steam system. If you have any questions, please let […]


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