Somes-Nick & Company is proud to announce our new partnership with Sterling/Sterlco in our Nebraska territory.

May 2018 in


With a wide range of boiler feed and condensate return systems, Sterlco® units are uniquely positioned to support your needs.

Sterlco® Condensate Return Units set new standards of performance. Reliable and efficient, each unit features heavy-duty receivers for long operating life. With a thicker tank wall design and highly wear-resistant pump seals, our systems run longer and require less maintenance. Sterlco® Boiler Feed Units are reliable and efficient. Each unit features heavy-duty cast iron receivers for long operating life.



In addition, 3450 RPM motors assure maximum efficiency while maintaining minimum motor horsepower. Sterlco® Centrifugal Pumps are designed so that the motor shaft will not be exposed to water to better improve serviceability. Provisions for a seal flush or vent is provided. The pump allows the motor and impeller to be removed without disturbing piping connections.

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