The Practical Steam Engine

April 2015 in


The Practical Steam Engine (PSE) is a breakthrough technology that allows efficient power generation using pressures and quantities of steam where there are currently no economical solutions. The proprietary, high-efficiency reciprocating steam engine can be installed in parallel to PRVs in sub- megawatt applications for which existing steam turbine generators are too expensive and inefficient. The PSE may also be used in condensing applications, appropriate for efficient power generation in applications such as waste steam recovery, waste heat recovery, gasification, and biomass, whether integrated into an existing system or functioning as a power island.



A unique feature of the PSE is its use of repurposed automobile engines. The platform for the PSE is the Chevrolet big block. These common engines serve as a great base to the PSE, allowing use of off-the-shelf parts and simple maintenance procedures. Proprietary cylinder heads and valvetrain are what differentiate the PSE from the Chevrolet platform. The proprietary components are the key to producing a high speed, high-efficiency steam engine.

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